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Vesselina Panayotova & team consult small and medium business

We help you grow

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Who are we? We believe a good consultant is like a good doctor. The client sees the symptoms, but often the real cause remains out of their sight. Firstly, we listen to understand your perspectives on you as a leader; on your organisation, and your employees. Secondly, we enter the company and see for ourselves and find ways to address pain points in your organization that are preventing progress. Thirdly, we analyze why desired goals are not being obtained. Lastly, we make recommendations, offer solutions and help your business implement them.

Who are our clients?  We help small and medium business owners grow their businesses. Our team works side by side with our clients delivering the best experience and support tailored their business needs. We understand our client's entrepreneurial and action orientated spirit and give the best advice backed by data to help them make decisions that can help them grow sustainably.

Our vision: To facilitate small and medium business growth.

Our mission: To support small and medium-sized businesses in Bulgaria to grow sustainably and ethically, by sharing our knowledge and experience from international companies and markets.

Our values: Integrity * Responsibility * Leadership * Adaptability * Passion to win * Family * Trust

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“When people say “business” they imagine numbers, charts and deadlines. To get into the core you have to be able to dig in. You have to be brave and bold. A smart person, though, will also place the importance of the company’s culture, motivation and ambition next to numbers.  Most people are good at numbers, but there are those special few who are good at finding the single powerful string that would turn a dissonant business into music. Veselina is one of those special few - an incredible professional combining both worlds into a synergy. Her persistence to care for every small detail amazed me and gradually we all could see the whole picture come to life. All solutions came out naturally and fit into the puzzle. I cannot find enough words to explain what a huge difference Vesеlina made to our company.  She was by our side in difficult times and helped us to go through them stronger and even more eager to succeed. I cannot thank her enough for everything she has done for us. She did change Wooden Spoon for the better and will forever be part of our success story.”

Sylvia Pavlova
Managing partner and Co-Founder
Wooden Spoon 

"Incredible specialist and business consultant. Friendly attitude and understanding contributes to the development of the company. Responds whenever I or employees need advice. I recommend Veselina Panayotova to any manager who seeks quality advice to move the business in the right direction. "

Andrey Georgiev
CEO and Co-Founder

"Vesselina helps me develop my idea for software. I rely on her professionalism and judgment for project management. I am sure we will continue to work together on other common ideas and projects."

Merchandising company owner

"It is easy to work with Veselina. She consults and helps having the end result in mind. She discovers the problem from the very beginning and points in the right direction.

The results are not late if you work too.

You can also look for her outside the working hours. She helps and identifies new things.

She works together with you, in parallel with you and thinks in perspective for the development of the Company.

Look for her. Veselina will charge you with ideas and a positive attitude towards your work, to make your project bigger and more significant. "

Cake production company owner

"Veselina is not just a business consultant, she offers a complete adventure and journey, during which you are light and pleasant. The end result is an optimised and well-functioning business. All this is presented with a personal and friendly attitude. Thank you."

Cleaning company owner

"A great specialist and a radiant person. It is easy to work with Veselina as she has a flexible schedule. I noticed positive results for my business from the first meetings. I highly recommend it to anyone who has difficulties with their business strategy or just wants to check the stage of success in its development. Good luck to Veselina and all her clients. "

3D printing company owner

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Sofia, Bulgaria

+359 884 512 892

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